Soccer Spring

I coached my first soccer game of the year today.  I find it’s difficult to motivate myself to take care of all the administrative stuff but being on the field is a different story.

Being on the field makes me feel closer to Kev.

I feel a certain peace.  The rhythm of the game soothes my soul.

Having winter turn to spring this year will be much more difficult than usual, but kicking the ball around will be one thing that I’ll look forward to.

The girls played hard today, inspirational even.  We were forced to play 2 players down and managed to lose only 4-2.  I watched all of the players play as well as I ever seen them play.

Kev I hope you were watching.  I think your little sister just might turn into an athlete yet.  The competitive fires were burning bright today.  She honors you even if she doesn’t know it yet.


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I'm a sad dad.
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