Holidays are real pit in the stomach type days.

More than at any other time we miss those we’ve lost on the holidays.  We notice their absence acutely, and we sadly recall when they were with us.  We think about last year when Kevin was with us or the year before that when Petey was at our house for the holiday.  A few short years ago we went out for Dinner on Easter. Kevin, Butch and Petey were all with us that day.

I hope that somehow, they are with us on these special days, not just as memories, but really there, looking over our shoulders, smelling the food and sharing the warmth.  In the future I hope to bring some joy back into the celebrations for them as well.

I know that most of my relatives read this blog.

I’d like to propose that we all adopt a new tradition.

At each holiday family gathering we set aside one extra place at the table in honor of all those who we hope are joining us.  For Dad, Mom, Butch, Petey, Kevin and all the rest.

We saved you a piece of Lemon Ice Box pie for you Kev.


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I'm a sad dad.
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