Want to Help?

Talk about him.

Help me to remember, that’s what I want.  Tell me stories I didn’t already know.  Talk to me about that special memory.  “Remember when…” is my new favorite expression.

If you cry or I cry that’s OK.  We loved him and we miss him.  Crying is a natural reaction.  Don’t feel like you hurt me.  The hurt is there all the time, whether I cry or not, whether you speak or not.

Don’t look away.  Don’t avoid me.  Don’t look uncomfortable when I talk about him.  Talking about him helps me, a lot.  If you want to provide comfort it’s the very best way.

Don’t avoid the subject.  It’s never far from my thoughts anyway.

I know it’s scary.  I stand as a personification of your greatest fear. I’m sorry about that.  I wish it wasn’t so, but it is, and I lack the power to change it.

I’ll forgive you if you say the wrong thing.  But don’t say nothing, that hurts the most.


About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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