Just a note

Hey Kev,

I just mowed the lawn. I know Drew’s supposed to do it but honestly he’s had no time available at all, I’m home today so I took care of it.

It’s just another in a long series of “firsts” that sometimes I can plan for and sometimes sneak up on me. It’s not just the first time I mowed it since you died, it’s the first time since we built the deck. The first time I had to work around your handiwork.

I noticed how the steps don’t line up perfectly with the footer blocks. We were going to fix that this spring when we did the patio, remember.

I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it this year. Drew wants to help but I can’t do it right now. We’ll do it next year for sure. Eventually we’ll do the patio and the hot tub and the fire pit. I’ll think of you every time I go out there. Just like I do now.

I found the shovels you left out back. It was a really tough winter so they’re rusted up a bit. I think I’ll hit them with the wire brush. If they don’t clean up I’ll just buy a couple of new ones. They are easily replaceable.

Not like some things.

I hope you got the messages mom and I sent you last night. It was good to cry a little. It made me feel human. That poem was just for you. I mean every word.

So they finally put Bin Laden out of our misery. I couldn’t help but think back to that day. I remembered writing an e-mail to the commissioner of MAPLE asking him to cancel the games the following weekend. I didn’t think we should be playing the Sunday after what would come to be known as 9-11. He was polite, but firm. We will play.

I was mistaken. He was right. I remember the game up in Groton. The sky was so clear. I don’t remember who you played, but I think you won, it was with SUNS so it’s a little fuzzy. You guys needed that break, to just let it go and play and so did we adults. A little bit of normalcy was a good prescription that day. It’s good these days too.

The news also reminded me of the tournament that wasn’t. The Iraq War, a direct result of 9-11 started on Tuesday the very week we were flying down to DC. After that stress and flying and driving all day we walked into the hotel and the tournament was canceled due to weather. Throw in mom’s kidney stones it it was a real humdinger of a weekend. At least we got to sleep in the most comfortable hotel beds ever.

Thanks for those memories, and a thousand more.

I love you and miss you.



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