Flash Memories

If you have a special Kev memory you’d like to share please use the comment function

Bed Time Movie
When Kev was little he’d sit down and watch a movie every night to unwind before bed, usually one of the Disney animated movies but there were others. Once we started watching a movie, say Aladdin, we had to watch it every night, over and over for several weeks.

Eventually when we couldn’t take it anymore we’d start suggesting new movies, after a few days Kev would finally relent and then we’d watch Peter Pan for a month. Then the cycle would start over with Bednobs and Broomsticks (aka Broom ‘n Sticks) or Dumbo, etc.

He’d memorize most of the dialogue and speak back the lines as they were being performed on the screen. I’d see echoes of this years later on his Facebook wall where he’d place random quotes from Family Guy, South Park, The Hangover and every Will Farrell and Adam Sandler movie ever made.

Game Face

By the time Kev reached High School age his competitiveness was well known to family, friends and teammates. He’d learned to prepare himself so his intensity was where it needed to be once the game started. He wasn’t always this way. As a youngster he’d be playing around and having fun, until someone made him angry.

That’s when the game face came out.

Whenever we saw it we’d say, “Look out, he’s pissed”. He was usually a forward in those days and it was not at all a rare occurrence to see him find the back of the net when the game face made an appearance.

I always had an incredible feeling of satisfaction when I would help Kev with his homework. He’d usually work himself into a total tizzy, and then finally come down and ask me for help. I’d go up stairs and spend a few minutes trying to remember a math concept I learned 25 or 30 years ago. Then I’d show him how I did it when I was in High School.

He’d usually understand pretty quickly. I think seeing a different approach than the one the teacher used in the class room caused the logic circuits to click and he’d go “Yeah, now I get it” and move on with his problems.

The Bradstreet Boys
I still have this on tape if anyone wants to watch.

Back when Kev and his buddies were going to park they really pulled out all the stops for the activities. The best one was the lip-synch contest held at Sandy Beach when Kev and a bunch of his buddies “sang” and danced to a Backsteet Boys song. No fear in that bunch. In my humble opinion they should have won.

Ghost Hunters

Kev and his mother LOVED this show. I liked it at first, but after one season or so I found it repetitive. When Kev was away at school he’d call home every Wednesday at 8PM to make sure Lisa was watching. He also found the South Park parody spot on.

Put-Out Off the Dome

Most people probably forget but I actually became involved in coaching Kev’s baseball team (many thanks Dave). In AAA I was coaching a game, Kev was playing first base. The batter drilled one dead up the middle which hit the pitcher hard right in the forehead. The ball deflected up in the air and bounced over to Kevin.

After a long delay where the pitcher was taken off for a medical check (he was OK) we were ready to continue the game. The umpire looked at the batter, who was standing on first. “Oh, you’re out” he said. During all the commotion Kev had picked up the ball, walked over to first and made eye contact with the ump, always taking care of business.

Whiteface/White Knuckles

One summer we took a trip up to Lake Placid with the Pinch’s and drove up to the top of Whiteface Mountain. One of the things Kevin and I shared was acrophobia. From the viewing area at the top of the mountain you really can’t see the slopes of the mountain. It looks like if you fell off you’d fall all the way to the village five or six miles away. It’s breathtaking, unless you hate heights.

Kev and I both spent the entire time in a state of high anxiety. Neither of us would go anywhere near the edge. If you look at pictures from that day you might be able to spot the stress on the two of us. Drew and mom never let us live it down.


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