Where You Been Man?

I notice I haven’t posted in almost a week.

First off, the usually spring busy has me. Work, Soccer, Lax, Softball and the chores all take up time each day.

But what’s really going on is my mind is all over the place. Sometimes I get where I can’t hold a coherent theme in my head. I have a lot of fleeting thoughts but nothing sticks in the filter enough to write about. I’ve been like that since last week.

I had a couple of OK days last week, after being kind of depressed before that but now I just feel sort of in limbo, like I’m in the Waiting Place.

I did put up another coat of paint in the kitchen yesterday. Lay Me Down came on the radio while I was working on it so I think Kev approves.


About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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