The DIT will be played this weekend. Once again I’ll be helping out as a Site Coordinator and coaching 2 teams.

I have a lot of memories swirling around.

There was the year when Kev’s intramural team couldn’t get in. We played in a tournament at Gordon College that year. The boys played a pretty good girls team. The didn’t take it seriously and it was 1-1 at half time. They were a little embarrassed by their performance and stepped it up in the 2nd half to win going away.

There was the year Kev sprained his thumb, U12s. The athletic trainer, who still works at DHS, taped up Kev’s thumb and we beat Portsmouth when Sean served up a corner that Kev headed home. That was a big game for Kev. He’d been at a club tournament in Connecticut and was suffering a crisis of confidence after not playing much, putting the Bombers in the finals boosted his confidence in a big way. It was one of the years they won it all and Kev would recover from his disappointing first club soccer experience and catch on with Aztec, which would lead to being part of an awesome team and more great memories.

Here’s one that doesn’t directly involve Kev.

The Bombers last year in DYS a lot of the kids, Kev included where playing at club tournaments. We were shorthanded, but all we had to do was find a way to get to Monday and everyone would be back. Due to a weird series of events I was coaching the team in the DIT that year. We had everyone available for an early game Saturday and won easily. We lost our second game, making our 3rd game on Sunday afternoon, a must win. We only had 10 players available for the game. We were playing at The Prep.

The game started with a disaster. Our opponent (Salem I think) was awarded a PK. The coach of the other team apologized for taking the lead on what we both agreed was a phantom call. We were down 1-0 only 3 minutes into the game. We carried the play but couldn’t finish. With time running down in the 1st half, Sam G, who was the best player on the field that day, broke his arm after colliding with another player.

Down to nine in the second half, the boys played inspired soccer. We were still carrying the play, but we couldn’t get enough numbers forward to finish. Eventually Salem hit us on a couple of counters late when we pushed numbers forward and we were eliminated 3-0. Sorry Kev, they really tried to pull it off, and in all honesty they deserved the win.

I remember last year. Kev strutting down on Sunday afternoon to take in one of Drew’s games. I pressed him into duty as a field Marshall for a couple of hours. He didn’t complain, much. I always told him he owed it to give something back to DYS.

I don’t know how I’ll be at the tournament this year. I’ve been thinking about it a lot which usually means it’ll pass by with minimal upset. It’s the stuff from left field that gets me. I’ll be looking around though, there will be echoes.

You know the schedule Kev. Check in for Drew and Kata’s games. I’m sure from your vantage point you’ll be able to watch both games Sunday afternoon when they conflict. Kata says defense is in her blood. We all know where that comes from. Watch with pride, it’s a piece of your legacy.


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