Storm Warning

Last night the entire Commonwealth was under a Tornado Watch. Several damaging twisters touched town, primarily in the western part of the State. There were several areas which were placed under tornado warnings, which the newscasters explained meant a tornado was already on the ground or the conditions were favorable for a tornado to occur at any moment.

When you are placed under a tornado warning you are supposed to take shelter immediately. We don’t build storm shelters in these parts so the best place to shelter is in the basement if you have one.

As I am wont to do at times like this, I was driving home planning for the unlikely event. Make sure everyone is home and together. Keep monitoring the news and weather. If we go into a warning area we all go down the basement together, bring a radio and a couple of flashlights.

Then I started thinking about the other things I’d want to bring down. Kev’s urn was the most obvious. I figure Lisa would be on that one, but if it slipped her mind I’d grab it. I’d want all the photo albums, the backup drive with all the digital pictures. The cameras all have a bunch of newer photos on the SD drives, we’d need those. The video tapes, Kev’s cloths, the collages from the wake, his soccer jerseys all would need to be saved.

I didn’t think of the kinds of things that are worth money. The real valuables aren’t worth much to anyone but me and the people who love me.

All the crap that we work so god damned hard to possess isn’t worth a blessed thing. It can all be replaced. The important stuff can’t be. The next time you feel bad about wanting something you can’t have, ask yourself if you’d risk your life to save that thing. If the answer is “no” you don’t need it.


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One Response to Storm Warning

  1. dave and deb says:

    you are so right

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