Sometimes you recognize a symbol but the impact doesn’t really hit home until later.

When Drew signed up for football in the fourth grade I was one of the coaches. The head coach asked me what number to give him and without much thought I said “25” which had been my number in High School. The next year Drew decided he wanted a number to make his own. He didn’t want my number, or a number associated with some professional athlete, he wanted to make it “his” number. He settled on “27”. He used it for football until he became a lineman and always used it as his soccer number. His High School Soccer teammates use “two-seven” interchangeably with “Drew” when he’s on the field. It was also his lacrosse number this season.

When Kata was picking her number for soccer our team was assigned numbers between fifty and seventy-five. When she picked her number “72” she didn’t even realize it was Drew’s number transposed, although at one point she figured that was why she picked it without realizing it.

Last fall Kevin’s High School jersey was retired. It was number “2”.

The four years Kevin played travel soccer for the Danvers Bombers his number was “7”.

I had recognized this coincidence “before” and I thought it was kind of cool. Now I find in a comforting tribute that both of Kev’s siblings play wearing his numbers.

This other symbol I just noticed.

The wedding band I picked out seventeen years ago consists of 3 interlocking gold bands which are welded in a way that they seem to wrap around each other. When I saw it, I thought of an infinite cycle and that seemed appropriate.

Kevin was 4 when Lisa and I were married. In a very real sense we were 3 individuals coming together to form a family.

Recently the welds on one of the three bands have given way. The bands still interlock, but one floats lose from the other two.

I think I’ll probably leave it this way for a while.


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