Fond Memories

Last night the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 39 years. Two of my brothers posted on Facebook how happy my father must have been, unleashing a flood of memories. Nostalgia seems to come quickly these days.

In the spring of 1972 I was just about to turn 8 years old. On weeknights during the winter we’d gather around the TV in the living room to watch the Big Bad Bruins. Bobby Orr was everyone’s favorite, but there were some great characters on that team. Derek Sanderson was the golden boy, Jon MacKenzie and Wayne Cashman were the muscle and Jerry Cheevers was the backstop, complete with the “stitches” on his mask marking places the puck had impacted.

My father was a sports fan. The Sox always came first but the Bruins were a close second. Perhaps because it was winter and we were all cooped up in the house I seem to have more memories of watching the Bruins than the Red Sox.

At seven o’clock the Highlights show would come on. I always liked that best, only the goals and the fights. At 7:30 the game would start. I’d get to watch the first period before my bed time rolled around.

I remember sitting watching the first periods in my living room. The green carpet, Bitsy (the collie/beagle mix) was curled up under the end table. Trotsky (the shepard/huskie) would be at my mothers feet or with my brother Dave. Dad would be on his chair, I’d usually be lying on the floor in front of the TV (it was our first color TV, a 19” set that we bought at Grant’s in Randolph).

I don’t have a distinct memory of the Bruins winning the cup. I do recall watching news reports about the parade and rally at City Hall Plaza.

So throw my dad a toast today Kev. Buy him a beer, probably a Carling Black Label, it’s on me. I’ll pay you back someday. I know you were never a big hockey fan, maybe we’ll win a World Cup one of these years and my dad can return the favor. I remember texting you updates last summer during the US – Ghana match, wish that one turned out better.

I wish a lot of things had turned out better to tell you the truth.


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2 Responses to Fond Memories

  1. toosoxy says:

    What a nice story…
    Hopefully, it won’t be another 30 years…

  2. carol says:

    <3…whether he liked hockey or not…it was such a great moment in Boston sports history…I thought of Kevin:) Love your blog! Again..i will say…I know this is for your own personal jouney….but eventually…when the time is right for you…it IS a book….love you all…Carol

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