Right now, when bad things happen, it just kind of rolls off my back. I’ve been given a heaping portion of perspective recently so the whole “woe is me” thing when fortune chooses not to favor me gets thankfully skipped.

Balancing this Yin is the Yang, when good things happen I can’t really enjoy them.

If you had asked me a year ago how I’d like to have spent Father’s Day weekend I’d have replied “Winning the Essex County Youth Soccer Championship”. I wouldn’t even have thought about it for but a second.

As fate would have it that is exactly how I spent Father’s Day this year.

I was proud of the boys, especially the core of that team that’s been with us for 5 years. I was amazingly proud of Drew who made the usual 2 or 3 impossible saves to keep us alive in each game on top of netting a tying penalty kick in the semis. That was all before he backstopped us in a 7 round penalty kick shootout to win the final and send us up to Lancaster next weekend.

Of course, if you remember reading “The Keeper” which I posted a while back you’ll know exactly what was going through my mind. I kept it together but it was not easy. A thousand shots on that U10 goal in the yard. The goal mouth wear mark running across my back yard…that old thing is rusting now, the net is long since gone, but I can’t bear the thought of parting with it.

Kevin should have been there beaming with pride for all he taught his brother. It kills me that he wasn’t.

Next week will be bittersweet too. The last time I watched Kev play was in the U19 State Cup a couple of years ago, held in Lancaster of course.

This is a scene that will play out over and over again. Drew will be playing Districts this summer so I’ll be driving up to Lancaster every weekend, start gearing up at Rt 2. I think he has a pretty good shot at making the DHS varsity soccer team next fall. There are more than a few memories floating around Deering Stadium.

I’ll never stop supporting Drew, and I’ll never stop thinking about Kevin, so I guess I just have to get used to it.

Great job this weekend boys.


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