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Kev Isn’t Here

One of my wife’s coping mechanisms is to pretend Kevin isn’t here. That he’s at school or living in another state or on a long trip. I like to imagine him working for a top-secret quasi-government agency, like a Men … Continue reading

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Brave? No.

As a coach, some of the most fiery halftime speeches I’ve given have been in situations where I knew my team had no chance to win. The lesson I am trying to convey in these types of situations is simple. … Continue reading

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Two of Those Moments

Had a couple of those moments yesterday. I was at a job interview and we were discussing the company’s benefits. Their insurance company tiers the rate based on the number of dependents, he asked me how many I had. That … Continue reading

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Brief Reflections on my Journey

Well, it’s been nine months since Kevin left us, so I suppose it’s as good a time as any to reflect on where my journey has taken me since that awful day. Those first few days, between the accident and … Continue reading

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I Wish

I wish I had the power to change things, the power to erase the last nine months. Hit the re-set button and replay the game. Maybe I could have said something or done something to change your course that night. … Continue reading

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These are my musings as I walked around Harvard Square at lunchtime on a hot summer day. Reality is real. It makes no sense to discard the proof of our senses. The trees and buildings exist in an objective reality. … Continue reading

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