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Where Might You Be?

My thoughts never stray far from you whether I laugh aloud or sigh. I still find myself wondering if you can watch us from on high. Do you follow us through our days and watch over us every night? Are … Continue reading

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An Old Man and His Place

An old man sits quietly on the bench, looking up at the clouds on a beautiful warm fall day.  He comes to this place often, to sit on the bench and let the sun warm his skin.  From time to … Continue reading

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‘Tis My Season

I had a thought this morning. The holiday season starts on Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas (or New Years depending on your point of view).  We have our own season now, a season of grief; it starts today and runs … Continue reading

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The Wrong Impression

Looking back over my recent posts here I find that people might be getting the wrong impression about where I am in the grief process. Whenever I’ve written, even before I started this blog, I’ve always tried to finish everything … Continue reading

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How Do I Want to Be Remembered?

Lisa came up with this as an essay question for the kids applying for Kevin’s memorial scholarship next year.  When I took my walk at lunchtime today I thought about how I would answer. I want to be remembered as … Continue reading

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I Understand

I cried this morning. Ten years ago, like most everyone else, I was a sympathetic observer.  I felt bad for the bereaved but I didn’t understand their anguish.  The overwhelming emotion on that day was anger; anger at the people … Continue reading

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Birthday Presents

Well Kev, your birthday is coming up.  You mother and I would normally be racking our brains trying to figure out what to get you.  You were the second most difficult person on the face of the earth to shop … Continue reading

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