Birthday Presents

Well Kev, your birthday is coming up.  You mother and I would normally be racking our brains trying to figure out what to get you.  You were the second most difficult person on the face of the earth to shop for.  It’s no coincidence that Bubba was the most difficult.  We probably would have settled on a gas card or a gift certificate to whatever your favorite clothing store was at the time.

We’d be asking you where to go for your dinner.  I think there would have been a decision for you this year, The Cheesecake Factory or the Olive Garden?  Not sure how you would have gone on that.

I think you would be back at school but I also think you would have elected to live at home.  Just a hunch but I think that’s how it would have worked out after your sabbatical.  I think you might have enrolled at Endicott or one of the schools in Boston, or maybe even Salem if you were still struggling with what you wanted to do.

We won’t be able to go out for your birthday.  Drew has a game that night.  I really hope it’s one he’s starting in, that would “feel right” to me.  His season kicks off tomorrow in Lynnfield, early morning game so don’t stay up too late tonight; you don’t want to miss it.  Check out the armbands.  Which color do you like the best? As if I don’t already know.

So anyway I think we found a perfect gift for you this year.  We are getting you tattoos!  I’m sorry to spoil the surprise, but I really hope you can be there.  Happy almost birthday, hey just a heads up, but my mom makes really good birthday cakes.  Ask her to whip one up for you, she won’t mind; in fact I’m certain she’d love to do it.  Give hugs to everyone for me.


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I'm a sad dad.
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