Where Might You Be?

My thoughts never stray far from you
whether I laugh aloud or sigh.
I still find myself wondering
if you can watch us from on high.

Do you follow us through our days
and watch over us every night?
Are you dancing on the moonbeams
and do you greet the morning light?

How can your warm smile touch us now
And how can you lend us your hands?
Are you nudging us on the path
steering us from dangerous lands?

Or perhaps you’ve moved far beyond
where you no longer hear our cry.
The only way to see you then
will be to wait until we die.

I hope somehow you’re still with us
more than just a memory kind.
I hope when you feel close at hand
it is not just my wishful mind.

The thought that you may be watching
gives me the heart and strength to cope.
The sense you’re smiling down on me
still fills my wounded soul with hope.


About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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2 Responses to Where Might You Be?

  1. Virginia Preston says:

    That, is just … beautiful, simply beautiful.

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