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Your Flame

Often the flame that burns brightest dies out first, leaving us in a night all the more dark. Perhaps those souls that soar the highest catch heaven’s eye and are drawn in Or perhaps the nets are random, pulling in … Continue reading

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A Song – Maybe

A couple of months ago I started writing a poem, but it started to feel more like song lyrics than a written or spoken word piece, so I figured out a chorus and wrote it down.  The problem is I … Continue reading

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Am I Doing This Right?

There is a small industry of books about grief, and a sizable subgenre of books about the loss of a child.  There are self-help groups and therapists and what not, and they all agree on one thing.  Since people are … Continue reading

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The test we use to prioritize what is important and what isn’t in our lives. For the last two years I’ve been working 32 hours per week, with a commensurate pay cut.  I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs, been on … Continue reading

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The Second Year

My first thought is ‘that’s impossible’. It really can’t be a year since I’ve seen Kevin. The truth is whether he feels nearby or far away, his loss has been such a huge part of my consciousness for the last … Continue reading

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Dear Kev, It’s been 365 days since you left us.  We mark tomorrow as the anniversary of your death.  I wish there was a different word.  It seems to me we “celebrate” an anniversary, but this is not a celebration … Continue reading

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With Deepest Gratitude

When I feel down, the way I have recently, I try to turn my thoughts to the positive things in my life.  It’s a very conscious way of avoiding the despair that I know lies all around me.  I make … Continue reading

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