Back in That Place

I’m back in “that place” again.

Yes I’m really busy at work and yes I’m still trucking the kids to activities all over town but mostly I’m just tired.  I have no real inspiration at the moment, when I get home from work I mostly just want to go to sleep.  Call it “down in the dumps” or “a little depressed” but that’s what’s happening.

I’ll be back in the game soon enough…


About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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One Response to Back in That Place

  1. Connie says:

    Hi Gary,
    I’ve been thinking about you, and Lisa, and of course Kevin with heightened awareness during these three weeks. Truthfully, I think of you all very, very often, at totally random times… but of course these weeks are especially hard. I don’t have anything special to say, or even anything helpful. You are doing your grief work, that’s for sure.
    I love you all and send love, hugs, light and caring.

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