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Here We Go

That’s what I was thinking as I drove home from Thanksgiving Dinner last week.  We’re in it now. At one time I was a real Holiday person.  I used to love the Christmas season.  I loved to decorate.  I loved … Continue reading

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I Wonder Sometimes

I’ve thought a lot about the afterlife lately, I’m sure you can understand why. One aspect that I’ve thought a lot about is “what’s it like”? Yesterday was one of those rare treat late fall days that New England sometimes … Continue reading

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How Do You Measure a Life

Every now and then I go back and read through the things I’ve posted here.  When I did so today I realized that I often make reference to Kevin’s “Light” and his “Ripples”.  It occured to me that if you … Continue reading

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I’m not in a bad place right now.  I have a better outlook, I feel like I’m appreciating life a little bit.  I’m allowing myself to enjoy the good times with friends and family and to laugh a little. I’m … Continue reading

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What the Hell is There to be Thankful For?

I wrote this piece last year right about this time. I was in a very different place, still very raw and in shock. I still have the same sentiment though. I will never be thankful that Kevin is gone, but … Continue reading

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I went to church on Sunday. It has been quite a long time since I did. The retired Minister of our former church was returning to speak and sell copies of his new book. Lisa and I always enjoyed Ed’s … Continue reading

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“How are you doing?” “Alright” But not really… I suppose relative to how I could be doing I’m alright, but relative to “before” not so much. I’ve been struggling lately. Kev’s birthday and the anniversary of his passing were kind … Continue reading

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