Happy BalanceTimes Day

Since Kev is the oldest, most of the silly mispronunciations he created as a child have become part of our family vocabulary, like Apple Spider and Meg Nog.

Today of course I’m reminded of BalanceTimes Day, which I guess had something to do with standing on one leg or something.

Last night I went out to get some stuff for the kids….well OK let’s be honest Lisa TOLD me to go out and get some stuff for the kids. I was picking cards and thinking about how I always picked out the birthday and Valentines Day cards for mom from the kids, even when Kev was technically and adult. I’d toss him the card; he’d say thanks and fill it out, usually with a little joke of his own thrown in.

It’s just another one of those silly little things that I miss so much. It hurts sometimes to face these kinds of things, but they bring up good memories too.

Happy BalanceTimes Day Kev. I hope you’re having some fun today. We miss you, and we all for sure love you, today and every day.


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I'm a sad dad.
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