Doing Disney

We took a trip to Disney World this past week.

We found ourselves saying “Kev would have loved/hated that” pretty much all week.

Of course if everything had turned out according to plan we probably wouldn’t have been there. I’m pretty sure Kev would have been back at school so a February trip wouldn’t have worked out.

I had a “moment” before leaving last week. I had scheduled an interview with Wentworth Institute right before heading for the airport. The last time I was there was for a campus tour when Kev was a senior at Danvers High. I thought I was prepared but when I walked into the administration building the mechanical engineering lab was dead ahead in the basement. Of course we toured it back in the day. I took a couple of deep breaths to steady myself and moved on.

It’s really impossible not to engage in the “what if” game at a time like that. If Kev had chosen Wentworth, maybe he’d be finishing up his senior year right now, going on interviews and deciding where he wanted to live. Now there is a flip side to this useless game that no one ever plays. Maybe it would have worked out just as poorly. Who can say?

The only certainty is what happened happened. I can’t change the reality, try as I might.

In the end all we can do is move forward as best we can.

The first night we were in Disney we were headed out of the hotel and for a brief moment Lisa felt a presence just over her left shoulder. I think I know who it was. I hope you enjoyed the trip Kev. Thanks for dropping in. Those were happy tears by the way.


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