Affirmations Again

Do you feel better when you are selfish or selfless?

Do you feel better when you are around positive people or negative people?

Do you feel better rushing around in a blur, or when you take a moment to breathe?

I think we all know what makes us feel good.  Yet somehow we often allow ourselves to be pushed to feel stress.  I’m not sure why this is but it seems to work out that way.

If you do that which makes you feel good, not in a material sense but in a spiritual sense you really can’t go wrong.  You make the world a better place by making YOUR world a better place.

Think about it, most of us instinctually know what’s right and what’s wrong.  All we need to do is what we know is right.  This may not put a Mercedes in the driveway, but it will let you get a good nights sleep.

There is much in life that I have no control over.  There will always be problems and challenges to be met.  Try as I might, I can’t control everything, but one thing I have total control over is my outlook and my approach.  I will strive to make myself positive.  I will resist those who would try to turn me negative.  I will fight my cynicism with all the spirit I have at my disposal.

 It helps to remind myself if such things from time to time.h

About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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