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The Quiet Mind

I sure miss it.  “Before”, I had the ability to sort of shut my mind down.  I could informally self meditate, sometimes with a little bit of effort, and sometimes I’d just slip into it.  Lisa would often ask “what … Continue reading

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Passive Voice, Active Emotions

Often, when I write in here I use the passive voice.  It’s not because I’m wishy washy, there are a couple of good reasons.  First off, I’ve figured out I’m frequently wrong about what might be on my mind at … Continue reading

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Apparently I Am, in Fact, Crazy

I had a bit of a tough time last week and into the weekend. The combination of a major holiday, Easter, and the eighteen month anniversary of the accident left me feeling sad and pre-occupied.  I wasn’t really depressed, just … Continue reading

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I Hate Holidays

I don’t mean like Columbus Day, I mean the big ones where we get together with our families. Every Holiday that comes along is depressing.  I’ve been feeling OK for a couple of weeks but this morning, not so much. … Continue reading

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A Lonely Walk We Take Together

My relationship with Kevin was unique.  That doesn’t make me special.  Everyone’s relationship with Kevin was unique. For almost the last eighteen months I’ve been on a journey.  I’ve been trying to reconcile Kevin’s loss and learn a new way … Continue reading

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Happy Blog-day

This blog is one year old today.  This is my one hundred and eleventh post. I started this thing on April 1, 2011 in order to share some of the things I had been writing with family and friends.  In … Continue reading

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