When I contemplate where Kevin might be now, I imagine him on a great adventure, meeting with loved ones lost and learning amazing things.  I picture him blazing a path, so that he can share all his wisdom with us when we see him again someday.

But I read something today on another blog that made me think a little differently.

It made me wonder if he misses us.

Does he feel the same sense of separation that we do?  Would visiting us be too painful for him since he can’t stay and be part of our lives here?

Does he miss the life he had, friends, family, hopes, dreams and even the fears?

Does he try to keep himself busy the way we do to pass them time until we meet again?

When he has those quiet moments does the sense of loss wash over him like a tidal wave?

When I was reading about the afterlife, most people seemed to describe a sense of calm knowing, something between ecstasy and contentment, ecstatic contentment perhaps.  Maybe he Knows, therefore he doesn’t worry.  Maybe he’s hanging out watching us, just beyond our reach.  Perhaps he’s having an amazing adventure while checking in on us from time to time.  I guess that’s what I hope for.

So many unanswerable questions, I don’t know what to do with them.

I guess I’ll just hope.


About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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