Birthday Greetings

Hey Kev,

You must know how busy I’ve been the last couple of weeks.  Only one more week and my commute goes from 90 minutes of hell every morning to a cruise over by McKinnon’s, but I still have a ton to do.

I spent your birthday at the soccer fields, which seems appropriate to me. Two shutouts for your birthday, not bad huh, I hope you were watching.

Drew played a nice clean steady game against Gloucester this morning.  They packed it in to keep it close and tried to pop long balls over the top, Drew owned his box and swept everything up without any problems and the Falcons are 4-0 and looking real strong in the NEC.

Kata kept us in the game with some nice saves in the first half and then switched to sweeper in the second half.  Pentucket brought a lot of pressure but our backs stayed solid and we nearly pushed up and stole the three points in the last few minutes.  Kata loves the headers…wonder where that comes from.  We’re 1-1-1 and getting a little better every week, that’s all I can ask for.

We’re going to go out to dinner tonight as a family, since you’re the guest of honor I think it would be appropriate for you to come along, you can check in on Court and Em later, OK.

Still love you and still miss you.  Say hi and give everyone a hug for me.




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I'm a sad dad.
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