This Week in Boston

It’s been a long week.  Like everyone in the Greater Boston Area I’ve been obsessed with the attack on the Boston Marathon and the aftermath.

It was heartbreaking to see the carnage on Monday.  My heart aches especially for those families who lost loved ones.  I truly know how they feel.  I hope they will each find some way to go on.  It will be a struggle, long after the news cameras and the well wishes have gone.

But at the same time I was inspired by the bravery and decency all the professionals and all of the civilians on the scene.  It was humbling; it’s easy to lose faith in humanity when an act of barbarity is committed for whatever reason.  But that one heinous act was more than offset by innumerable acts of decency and bravery.  Inhumanity didn’t win, even in those first moments, those forces can’t win, and I really believe that.

I used to get angry about these things.  I understand the rage, but I don’t feel it anymore.  I feel sad mostly, for the effected families obviously, but also for all of us.  I don’t know the answer to all this but all week I’ve have the same quote rolling around in my head.  “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”  I hope some day we as a species can figure this out.

Seeing the non-stop media coverage from places I’m really familiar with has been surreal.  Copley and Cambridge especially, it’s just too damn close to home I guess.

I glad they caught this kid, I’m glad he’s alive too.  I want to know what makes a seemingly “normal” young man decide to kill and maim innocent people.  Perhaps a lesson can be learned that will make a difference down the road.

Finally, a thumbs up to the people in Watertown who applauded the police officers as they drove off from the scene of the apprehension.  These were people who had just spent close to a full day on the front lines, having their lives thrown into chaos while living with justifiable fear of a violent criminal at large in their midst.  It was a classy move.

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  1. Paula says:

    Well said

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