Day 1,096

Somehow we’ve all managed to get out of bed over a thousand times since. 

Drew graduates this spring, and heads off to college in less than a year.  Kata will be starting High School; I know you must be checking in on them, I hope you can continue to keep them safe.

I’ll be looking for you today.  In the clouds, when the birds fly overhead, in the shadows on the sides of the mountains, I’ll be watching for your sign.  I’ll be listening for your voice in the breeze and in the music of the water.  I’ll be waiting for your touch when the sun is on my back.  Quiet is always better than noise for days like this.

Three years is both forever and a moment.  When you were growing up sometimes it seemed I’d turn around for a second and you’d be in the next grade the when I caught your eye again.  Yet the years pass much slower now.  I think I want it that way.  I don’t want to miss anything in the rush of everyday life.

I still think about someday, when I will be walking along a perfect beach at sunset and you’ll be waiting by a fire.  There is still much for me to do here so there’s no rush, but it is a pleasant thought.

Until then, spare us all a moment when you can, keep us in your heart as we keep you in ours. 

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I'm a sad dad.
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