Something is Wrong

When a community comes together to hold a candlelight vigil something really bad has happened.

I attended one last night.

It was organized by the National Honor Society from our local high school.  These kids should be planning for the State Tournament playoffs in Soccer and Football, working on their college applications and figuring out who they want to go to the prom with.  Instead they were organizing a memorial to a slain teacher, a teacher who was murdered in a second floor bathroom at their school, by a fellow student.

It’s hard not to feel like this world is spinning out of control.  Every person I cross paths with has a theory as to why.  Every person believes their magic bullet will make the world a better place.  No one has a clue.

I sure as hell don’t know what it is.

I just know that I can turn on the news any day of any week and somewhere there is a tragedy.

The difference this time is I was watching them interview kids I’ve known since they were in grade school on the TV news.  The difference this time is the daughter of one of my wife’s closest friends has lost a close friend, who was a teacher at the high school in my town… in Kev’s town.

So this is my version of a prayer, I don’t know if it helps, but I know it won’t hurt.

Kev, a friend of Sarah’s was killed sometime Tuesday afternoon at the new High School, reach out to her and help her adjust to her new existence.  If anyone can provide comfort and support to her family and friends let it be offered and accepted.  No one can go through this without help.  If anyone has time to help heal this community, our community, the one you loved, that loved you in return, send them our way.


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I'm a sad dad.
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