Just a Dog

“Just a dog” is going in for surgery today.

We are all pretty upset about it. You might ask why? Why with all the people lost are we so sad about the possibility of losing just a dog? Let me tell you.

Just a dog was new the family when Kevin died. He joined us in June, we lost Kev in October.

I am having such a hard time because just a dog was there for me during those dark days. There were certainly people who were there, but just a dog offered something people couldn’t. His love was unconditional. He didn’t want or need anything from me. He just wanted me to feel better. I never had to worry about what he was thinking or feeling. I didn’t scare him, he never turned away.

All just a dog wanted was food in his bowl, to be let outside a couple of times a day and a walk each evening. The truth is those walks were probably a lot more important and necessary for me than for him. I did a lot of thinking when it was just him and me, through Snow and cold, spring and summer and back to fall.

This all happened really fast. Just a dog was fine when I took him for a walk Friday, running his leash out and plowing along nose down the way Beagles do. We drove up to North Conway on Saturday and he was fine, his head out the window about half the time as we meandered north. He was lethargic on Saturday night, like he had eaten something that didn’t agree with him. He seemed to be laboring with the stairs on Sunday, and when we came home Sunday night and I took him for his walk he stayed right at my side, which was really unusual.

Monday morning he was stumbling when he went outside so we took him to the Vet in the morning. He has a mass on one of his kidneys which needs to be dealt with immediately or we will lose one more. Last night he just lay on a blanket, licking us from time to time, still trying to make us feel better.

I am so tired of losing people and things that I love.

So Kev, I have a favor to ask. Arrange for Buddy to stay with a little longer if he can recover and enjoy life. If that’s not possible, keep him with you for a while. Bark with him when you come in, take him for walks and let him run along the beach. He loves to hike, you can take him off the leash and he’ll stay with you if you let him know where to go.  Thanks Bud.

And Thanks Buddy

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I'm a sad dad.
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