I’m Back… not a good thing

Looking back, this blog was my private journal,  my therapy.

As I filter through the pain of the last week, I am pretty sure I’ll be sorting out my feelings in here.  This pain may be somewhat less intense (for me anyway), but it’s all too familiar.

I’ve been flipping through these posts these past few days, trying to find insight.  Not reasons, there are no reasons, but I need to remember the pathways.

So, once I have time to think and reflect and compose, I’ll be spending some time working in out in here.  If no one ever reads it, that’s OK, I know it’s here.

And Kev, I’ve asked this before, but now more than ever, help him out.  You’ll have tons of folks who will work with you, but make sure he’s safe.  I’m counting on you.

About garbear25

I'm a sad dad.
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