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Just a Dog

“Just a dog” is going in for surgery today. We are all pretty upset about it. You might ask why? Why with all the people lost are we so sad about the possibility of losing just a dog? Let me … Continue reading

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As I watched the events unfold yesterday I saw a lot of familiar faces.  No one I knew, but emotions I recognized, and felt once again. Sometimes understanding doesn’t really help. I have a picture of Kev which I posted … Continue reading

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I Hate Holidays

I don’t mean like Columbus Day, I mean the big ones where we get together with our families. Every Holiday that comes along is depressing.  I’ve been feeling OK for a couple of weeks but this morning, not so much. … Continue reading

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Am I Crazy?

Yes… No… No more so than anyone else. Feeling crazy is part and parcel to the whole bereaved parent thing. Some days I can’t get out of my own way, I just kind of wander through the day clueless. Some … Continue reading

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Fairness has nothing to do with it. This morning an 18-month old girl in my town lost a battle with neuroblastoma. This month I’m preparing to push through my second Christmas without Kevin. Life isn’t, and has never been fair. … Continue reading

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Here We Go

That’s what I was thinking as I drove home from Thanksgiving Dinner last week.  We’re in it now. At one time I was a real Holiday person.  I used to love the Christmas season.  I loved to decorate.  I loved … Continue reading

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Dear Kev, It’s been 365 days since you left us.  We mark tomorrow as the anniversary of your death.  I wish there was a different word.  It seems to me we “celebrate” an anniversary, but this is not a celebration … Continue reading

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