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It’s the End of the World as We Know It (not Quite)

I once explained in the depths of the anguish after losing Kev that I would wake up in the morning and, just for a moment, be disappointed that I hadn’t died in my sleep.  I’ve long since overcome that feeling … Continue reading

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Why do bad things happen?  Why is there evil in the world? I’ve been thinking about this for the last few weeks, it seems difficult to avoid, as what can only be termed a great evil befell in Newtown CT, … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Come Back

I started working on this almost two months ago.  I think I was in a different (not so good) place but those are true emotions too I guess. When the pain seared my soul You didn’t come back When I … Continue reading

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When I contemplate where Kevin might be now, I imagine him on a great adventure, meeting with loved ones lost and learning amazing things.  I picture him blazing a path, so that he can share all his wisdom with us … Continue reading

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83 Problems

I recently read a quote attributed to the Buddah; “We all have 83 problems”. What the quote is getting at is there is no such thing as not having any problems, and striving for such an impossible state is a … Continue reading

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The Old Me

Lots of times when I’m working my way through a regular day I have to interact with lots of people with whom I’m not particularly close.  Everyone on the planet faces this.  There are hundreds of people we come into … Continue reading

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Taking Inventory – The Search Continues

I realized something over the last few days.  I’ve been searching. I think to date most of my journey has been in the form of a search, a search for meaning, a search for answers but ultimately a search for … Continue reading

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