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Something is Wrong

When a community comes together to hold a candlelight vigil something really bad has happened. I attended one last night. It was organized by the National Honor Society from our local high school.  These kids should be planning for the … Continue reading

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This Week in Boston

It’s been a long week.  Like everyone in the Greater Boston Area I’ve been obsessed with the attack on the Boston Marathon and the aftermath. It was heartbreaking to see the carnage on Monday.  My heart aches especially for those … Continue reading

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Why do bad things happen?  Why is there evil in the world? I’ve been thinking about this for the last few weeks, it seems difficult to avoid, as what can only be termed a great evil befell in Newtown CT, … Continue reading

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As I watched the events unfold yesterday I saw a lot of familiar faces.  No one I knew, but emotions I recognized, and felt once again. Sometimes understanding doesn’t really help. I have a picture of Kev which I posted … Continue reading

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