I started a new job this week.

That meant leaving my old job of course, a job I’ve been at for over ten years.  I started there in January 2002, right before the Pats won their first Super Bowl.  I remember watching the field goal that won that game with the boys.  Lisa was at work, Kata was a baby and fast asleep.  Kev was still in Middle School

The first phone call I had to make on October 13, 2010 was to my boss, to tell him I wouldn’t be in that day, or for a while.

Economic conditions forced me to work four days a week starting in 2009. It wasn’t great from a financial perspective but it provided me with a lot of time to process and deal with the pain.  It was probably a good thing on balance.

I had a lot of support from my former co-workers.  No one ever said anything stupid.  I thank them all for that.

Now I’m at a new place, with new people, lots of new people to ask “the question”.

I can still usually see it coming.

“Do you have kids?….How many?….How old?”

I’ve settled on “12, 17 and my oldest would be 23” for now.

One of the really hard things about this transition has been the timing.  It works out I started the first of the month, a week after Kev’s birthday and two weeks before the anniversary.  I’ve needed to be focused and on my game, not just this week, but over the last month, there really has been no time for dealing with the feelings this time of year brings.

I suspect it will catch up with me when I have a moment to reflect.

I hope Kev is watching.  I hope he is proud of my work and happy for me.


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I'm a sad dad.
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1 Response to Transition

  1. Paula says:

    He is proud of you and he loves you.

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